today is world water day.

it's here.
today is world water day.
isn't it  wonderful to go to the tap and get yourself a glass of water?
to have water sent DIRECTLY to your home?
we are lucky. fortunate.
but there are some out there that are not so lucky.
they do not have the luxuries that we have.
the luxury of water. CLEAN WATER.

water to bathe in.
to play in.
to keep hydrated....and for our animals as well. CLEAN, SAFE WATER.

think about that for a moment.
absorb that thought.
water as a luxury.
hard to imagine isn't it?
to me that can't sink in but to thousands of people THIS is everyday life.

this is sad.

that's why I am writing about this today.
to raise awareness & $$$ in cooperation with project adventure maybe we can all help provide this luxury to the rest of the world.

today we are raising money to support the well mechanics that are desperately needed to keep the wells working.

For World Water Day, The Adventure Project is setting a goal to enable 186 people to become well mechanics.
if successful they could serve 930,000 people with CLEAN WATER.

can you believe this?? what an idea! what a goal!
to bring solutions to a problem.
to teach people a skill. a job. a way to provide a better life for people. PEOPLE.
we can help.

did you read the last part of the picture above??
that every dollar up to $25,000 of the funds raised TODAY will be matched?
that we can raise $50,000 today only??!!
doesn't that make you want to help even more?
sure convinced me.
so come over and donate and be a part of something fabulous!
something amazing.
and for some people...something life changing.

come over to MY PAGE and donate....CLICK HERE.
{they prompt you to start a donation at $25 but you can put in $5 if that's all you can do! just do what you can - every little bit helps!}

GO CRAZY....tweet it, facebook it, blog it!

GIVE BIG.....every dollar counts!

PRAY for the mechanics that will be trained because of your donation!

BE AWESOME....our huge goal is to raise $25,000 today together!!

Today we can help make a BIG difference in the world!

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