around here.

around here we are up to a lot......

around here we decided to use the forgotten easter crackers with friday night pizza. you heard me.

around here we are teaching skills and life lessons at a young age. never too early to learn right? goodbye rink...see you next november!

around here we have been making waffles. the easter bunny dropped this beauty off.

around here we have been hanging out in last years halloween costumes.

 around here we have been colouring up a storm.

around here we are enjoying the last of the easter tulips.

around here we are cooking up a new project for the masses.

around here we are trying to eat our veggies regularly.....more regularly.

around here we are enjoying all old but a newly re-discovered treat.

around here we are tilling up the soil and getting the ground ready for the planting that spring offers.

future veggie garden site. used to house the raised vegetable beds but we are changing up the procedure.
my irises are sprouting....in the shape of a heart!
 around here we are getting the patio ready for many outside suppers.

around here we are enjoying the new watermelons of the season.

around here we are sporting new hats and spending loads of time out of doors.

around here i found a new snack - veggies dipped in hummus....yum.

around here we are surviving. striving.
love the ing words. they are great adjectives.


Lisa said...

How funny - from the other pictures I thought the rink was a frozen over swimming pool! What a cool idea and so easy! Your porch looks so nice! Fun things going on around your place over there!

Jen said...

thanks lisa...yes no in-ground pool for us. thankfully though above ground ones are all the range out here and we have our eye on one in two years time - the most practical solution. the weather out here seems to have dipped below favorable so we have not used our table and chairs yet but soon enough!! the rink area moonlights as the fire pit area in the summer so will get to see it from that vantage point as well.