a funny thing happened when i tried to take the photo.....

my house gets zero natural light.
well a little but not as much as you would think.
there are pockets here and there but the light seems to travel up and over - not through.
there are no "real" trees around. {there are trees but none so close to the house that they block the light}
there are windows. beautiful ones.
there is really one spot that get's natural light and the dining table is up against it.
or i have to go outside. that's what i usually do.
it doesn't make sense.
it looks like it would get light. you would naturally think it would.

the problem....
the house was built with feng shui in mind.
not with sunlight in mind.
don't get me started on that.

i have to resort to this to get you the pictures you deserve.
move the table. retreat to the floor

yes i go to these lengths for you.
look at that picture above.
it's worth it.

fill you in tomorrow about what i have been up to.....
{and yes i am on the floor typing this right now.}
{and i just noticed my dusty buffet...please don't judge me.}


Caroline said...

I do the same thing--move things around to get good lighting!

p.s. I love your curtains!

Jen said...

Thanks Caroline. They are great aren't they?