THAT day, this week - a look back.

did you ever have a day that defined your life?
a day when it all became clear.
a day where life became what it was going to be?
a day where you had to go okay.....this is how it is.

i have had that day.

i had that day 6 years ago, around now.
the day when - on a whim, a hunch, just because - i peed in the cup.

and it was positive.
that was my day.
just after easter - a tuesday - 6 years ago.
i left smiling.
i had obviously NOT gotten sick from the easter egg salad as my husband had expected.

my reason was not the reason we went to the doctor.
aydan had a rash.
a rash around her mouth from that stupid soother that ruled our lives.
the fate of that soother - the whereabouts and condition of it - were, at that time, the most important thing. ever.
i hated that thing.
this is what brought us to the doctor.
but as we waited for our appointment i started counting on my fingers. and thinking.
really thinking.
could it be.....?
well......maybe i will just pee in the up to rule it out.
the next words i heard confirmed everything......uummm, jen, there are all lot of prenatal forms in here? {cue sideways glance from doctor}.

that was my day.
the day that my daughter was 10 and a half months old.
the week she started running - i'm not joking - she was running. and i had to catch her.
the week i found out i was 10 1/2 weeks pregnant.
yes, i was that pregnant and had NO idea.

i had just bought a spanx because i was getting a bit of a belly again {never thought to work out.}
i guessed i wouldn't be needing that.

i am so happy i had a day like that.
i'm so happy it turned out like this.

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