this guy.

humans {as in "mom look at all the humans here."}
puwewter {computer}
this doos {this does}
hillow {hill}
a-hind {behind}
caramel {cantelope}
next day {tomorrow}
last day {yesterday}
all the people {everyone}
and the everyone favorite...peghetti.

these are what i call cooper words.
they are his special words that, if you do look closely, mean what they mean and in normal conversation you get the idea.
i don't even notice anymore.
they are his words.
this is his speak.
it's so cute.
i do correct him sometimes {it's does...} but mostly i just grin and soak it in.
there are so many grown up parts of him already that i will allow him a thing or two that still makes him little. still makes him our little man. he has his whole life to be grown up - he only has this nugget of time to be little. to play. to speak funny.
i wonder if one day he will quietly switch over to the proper words that society has decided we use...and i wonder if i will notice that day...or will it dawn on me a little too late?
too late to really put my ear to the ground and listen to his silent voyage from little boy to boy.
my little boy.

look at the following pictures......can you spot the trend?

the right knee in all the pants have a hole!!!
thank goodness it's almost shorts season.
i'll worry about this come september........
as for the summer wardrobe - we are done. complete. outfitted.
one less thing.

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