to name a few.....

this week has been long.
but a good long.
an i-actually-got-some-stuff-done long.
and there was some inspiration behind the madness.

i am not a creature made up entirely of me.
there is a whole community behind some of the endeavors i pursue and today i wanted to share them with you.
why you ask?
because i would like some travelers to accompany me on the crazy journey and i would like to see how you fair as well.

one love true to my heart has got to be project life. i love the idea. the concept. the project.
i do at times find myself WAY behind.
that has been my goal this week. catch up.
complete it till now.

and until i get the right desk {scouring the junk shops & flea markets for that perfect one to put my stamp on} and the go ahead on the tv room re-do...so excited!!...i made a make shift work space until tonight at 7pm. {i'll clean it up for the weekend}

i am almost there.
between wanting to add a photoshop touch, getting photo's together to order, make breakfast lunch and dinner, saying hello on here, bathing the kids and plus document life down for future insertion in said book...i think i have done ok.
not great but okay. and i'll take it!
two women who inspire me at this task and take it way past the next level are the amazing ali edwards and elise blaha.
and of course cathy zielske with her tips and turorials! i am one with photoshop thanks to this lady.
i have stolen elements from all and am not ashamed to admit it.
i feel my project is better from what i have "learnt" from their efforts.
that's my story and i am sticking to it.

these cinnamon buns made by this lady.
they are the ones i have been waiting for. looking for. dreaming about.
don't think you have put too much cinnamon on - i would add more next time and maybe some more butter to really get a "sauce" going - they are so good!

the flea market here in town is starting up next week and i have a few things on my list - vintage tea cups {aydan's is wanting a mad hatter tea party for her birthday}, old decorative frames, decorative mirrors and a couple of lampshades so i can do this to them. {the list is bigger but i will start slow...}

there is a little site called call me cupcake that i have just discovered that has the most brilliant photography to show off her culinary creations that it inspires you to whip up a batch of everything on offer. i may have to sacrifice my body in the name of recommendation. so committed to her cause she is swedish by nature but thankfully translates everything in english for the rest of us. how lucky are we. the s'mores ones, i think, our going to be our next victims. and she has candy cane ice cream too!! decisions, decisions.

there is a little girl at a little site joyfully helping the rest of us see the art in the world. and for that i thank you - has opened my eyes quite a bit.

i saw this tomato sauce praised on two different blogs in one day therefore making me come to the conclusion that ricotta cheese will have to tumble into our grocery cart this weekend and tuesday night pasta night will be forever transformed. if one does find themselves ricotta-less come tuesday this is the standard favorite.

if you are in the new york area this weekend you have to go to the brooklyn flea as they are baking up cookies and selling them to help kids. this wonderful lady from this gorgeous site will be there, with what i can imagine only as mouthwatering cookies - i have been hearing about them for two days now and think i might have to whip myself up a batch as geographically i am unable to attend and am now craving a really good cookie.

as for tonight {pizza friday!} i'm going to finish up with project life, do some yoga with aydan, make some ceasar's, wrap a birthday present & make a lego card, plan tomorrow's canvas painting night with the kids, organize an outing to the nursery tomorrow for me and my boy while aydan parties with her school chums and make the weekly grocery list. oh and figure out what to do with the gorgeous chippy paint window frames the husband salvaged for me.
sounds like the beginning of a beautiful weekend.

okay that's it for me.


Kimberlee said...

Your cinnamon rolls look like they turned out well! You can never go wrong with more cinnamon and butter.
I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Jen said...

thank you kimberlee...we thoroughly enjoyed them...i had to stash the others in the freezer for a rainy day. i am a hesitant cinnamon and butterer until i have tried them first hand and now i know - bring it on!! thank you for the recipe - i wish i had this when i had my bakery.

Leslie said...

Oh, my, the cinnamon rolls look perfect!

Jen said...

leslie try them...then rush over to kimberlee and gush over them. they are WORTH the calories.

Lisa said...

Jen, thank you so much for the mention! I had to laugh at the "little girl" part - I just turned 33 and felt like I was getting "old" :) I'm so glad my blog has had the positive impact you describe - thank you, thank you - that means so very much!!! :)))