my awesome.

my sunday was awesome.
i felt truly loved.
the day started with amazing cards and pictures from the kids.

don't you love the checklist? i didn't get cute but i cleared pretty. and i am not smart but wise.
but i did get "she is so good at: huging! and i'll take it!
plus i guess i love disney trivia pursuit! was on the gazette and the card.
and coop did his all on his own!! way to go buddy!
what aydan wrote | who is the best mom? my mom! my mom likes flowers and the game trivia pursute. she has glamorous turquoise eyes and marvelous bland hair. she likes to dance and cook.

i also go a wonderful surprise of lululemon dollars from the whole gang. THOSE will be put to good use!
the day was filled with brunch with my kids. {the husband had to work. :(}
the soccer tryouts for aydan - in an all of a sudden gorgeous day. {we are not going to talk about the five minutes i lost cooper at the garden center - why ruin an awesome post with that?}

hanging with coop at the soccer field and kicking around the ball.
freezies and a dog/bike walk.
finished off with a steak and scallop dinner - outside!!
so wonderful.
so perfect.
so much love.
happy mother's day!

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