soccer mom.

last night was the first day of summer soccer.
for my kids..not me. ha!
last night was also a big thunderstorm and record flooding in town - luckily not for us.
{when we heard about it on the radio this morning we stared at each other and were like "what?". thankfully he left work early yesterday to help me out last night or he would have been home super late.}
i'm so excited for the kids. i really think they are going to love it. they are on different teams which is great so they will make new friends and coop will not hang in his sister's shadow.
there is just one wrinkle to this bliss.
they are at different fields. on the same night. at the same time. twice a week.
and 9 times out of 10 - the husband will have to work late.
thankfully last night he was there.

i am worried.

i know i shouldn't be but i am.
i will have to split my time between them and pray that the kid on the field that i am not at will not get hurt.
and that i won't be too late to pick the other up at their field.
fingers crossed.

but back to last night.....
the rain was dropping and aydan's group was cancelled as they play on a regular field. mud.
coop, on the other hand, get's the new artificial field and it was a go.
he. had. a. blast.

i don't think he quite got it but he ran with all of them and had a huge grin plastered on his face the whole time.
and he's excited to go back. so excited.
that's what it's all about, no?
i'm sure i'll fill you in on all the fiasco's surrounding this through the summer!!!
{pray they are minor!}


Sandra said...

Great photos! Our soccer season here in Vancouver runs from September to February. With outdoor games. You know, in the rain and sleet.

The girl (six) LOVED it. Great teammates and lovely families too.

Am assuming you are north of the 49th too with the Tim Hortons sponsorship??

Jen said...

haha sandra that's why i never played soccer growing up in vancouver! couldn't believe the conditions. thankfully here they outlaw playing in the snow and minus weather but supposedly this field gets stinking hot in the summer - no shade what's so ever!!! might have to have a cooler handy.

tim hortons and all it stands for is very popular here in quebec - everything seems to be about them {we never go though....not my thing. i'm a vancouver starbucks girl! always will be.}

thanks for stopping by!