the party.

making that all important wish....
opening the present from her little brother...snorkeling!!

last weekend was party weekend.
a special someone turned 7. {seven!!! when did that happen?!}
she decided to invite all the girls in the class {+ a couple from the next door class} over for a tea party.
it started as a mad hatter's tea party but in the end just became a good old fashioned tea party.
we all got dressed up and clinked tea cups and toasted {yes we had REAL tea cups!}
all the girls at the same time held up their cups and sang out "remember...pinkies out!"
this year i decided to keep the menu short - fruit, cake + tea - and concentrate on creating the mood for the girls. i think it worked out pretty great. {and now i have party bunting forever! yeah!}

the weather cooperated and the real heat arrived on sunday {and has continued through this week! insert brow wipe here.}.
the water balloon game and jumping through the sprinkler were a big hit!
and when the first little girly asked me "what do we do now?" - ding dong - the first parent arrived.
perfect timing. perfect everything.

great party.
great group of kids.
happy happy birthday day. xoxo

{i can now rest till july 18th.....right here....}


Sandra said...

What a sweet party - my girl will turn seven later this year. A great age, eh? I cannot believe that grade one is almost over. [insert cliche about time flying]

Looks like a nice group of friends too.

Elizabeth said...

Such a gorgeous party! I love the table setting--it would be any little girl's dream come true. We have two summer parties coming up and this is great inspiration.