with kids it's a trip not a vacation.....

last week my family went off on a vacation - did i mention that? ;)
they took off for 9 days of fun in burlington and port elgin, ontario.
they saw old friends, met some new ones, saw many many times in our favorite pool, caught site of the falls and dipped their toes in lake huron.

here's a glimpse.....

that was travel day + day one of sights and friends. they went to lion safari park in burlington.
they loved it.
more tomorrow.



Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

What great memories you're creating for them! Love your animal shots, wow!

Jen said...

thanks rosa...aren't those animal shots wonderful? my husband took them and i believe a few might be wall bound. also i had no idea you were in vancouver - i grew up in west van...where are you guys?
take care!