and...we are back.

why do i think i have all this extra time in summer?
i have all these wonderul summer "things" i want to share but i get SO BUSY soaking up summer and relishing every nano-second that when it comes down to sitting and focusing the opportunity only comes at midnight and by then i am already mapping out how to fill all the precious seconds of the next day that i am completely absorbe in that and completely exhausted. and look - there isn't even time for proper sentence structure!! ha!

the point is - we are having the time of our lives. so busy. so enjoying summer.
true, we have had our moments - we are FAR from perfect - but we have been so on the go that sitting down at a computer to document it all seemed so foreign.
i can tell you were it WAS documented though - in the waves of the lake, the rays of the sun, our laughter was carried away in the wind and i think we might have been imprinted on some of the blades of grass we were lying in staring at cloud shapes.

this summer was filled with a lot of first - a true love of water was blossomed by aydan. she can master a kayak on her own. charades are a new favorite pastime. vacations with dad {alone} are pretty cool. big trampolines are king. and yes you can bike around the neighborhood by yourself - for real! {i was asked that last part three times as they couldn't believe what i was allowing.}

it was also a time to enjoy some favorite pastimes as well. amusement parks still are the best. board games rule. skylanders and mario cart are rainy day best friends. and lego is rad.

this summer had some downfalls - tony had to work WAY too much. it rained out many a swimming lesson day - lots of thunderstorms. and soccer did not end up to be our game.  but it was still a great summer.

we are going to try to squeeze in some last minute activities to round it all out - today is waterslides. tomorrow - weather depending - i think is lake time and at one point i have to do hockey and shoe shopping. then this weekend it's to the theater!!! so excited to say that!

but i am not going to lie.....i'm over it and august 30th {aydan's first day of school - coop's not until the 5th of september!} can not come soon enough!!!

oh yeah - and dragons are pretty cool!!

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