hello fall.

well there you go.
it's over. summer is over.
it's now all sweaters and pants and cozy cozy cozy.
and with all this comes something more - apples and pumpkins. soups and stews. baking and brasing.
this is exciting stuff.

in our neck of the woods this is the time of year that the apples get crisp and it's the time of year you are expected to go and pick your own from an actual tree - the thought! the notion!!
so we joined in with the cool kids {everyone from the city comes out here to do it} and we did it.

the pain. the agony. the moans. the groans.
you have never heard two bigger belly-acher's in your life!
that is until we get there of course.
until they see the petting zoo.
until they see the playground. {ugh - i hate the playground!}

it takes another 20 minutes of sweet talking and a few "oh isn't this going to be fun" to get them on the actual wagon hearing enough "why do we have to do this?" while making our way through the orchard to last me till next year.
then we are let off the wagon among the trees and they get it.
their eyes light up.

next all i hear is "over here - there are red ones over here!!" and "get me that ladder grandma, i can climb up and get them for you!" and "let's try over here mom!! look at these trees over here!" and a couple "a few more? can we pick just a few more??" and one "this is so much fun!!!".

........then i have to sweet talk them back on the wagon with promises of squash fries and les beignes de pommes {apple donuts...the best thing ever! and no i DID NOT tell aydan they were squash fries - do you think i just fell off the turnip truck? she gobbled them up by the way.}.
{i forgot to take photo's of these to show you - i guess i have to go back and have them again. bummer. see the lengths i will go for you people?}.

so there you have it.
we went. we picked. we enjoyed.
and now i have a ridiculous amount of apples....what am i going to do with them?
now that's the fun part.

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