project: d.i.y. cake topper bunting.

so today i am going to talk about the cake topper that i made.
sorry it's two days late....
do you ever have a couple of days that you would like to extract from the calender and throw then away because one day was the result of someone being up all hours of the night and became too tired to funtion & the next was a colossal waste of time between car garages and the insurance place?
so yeah...i would like to strike those days from the record counselor! {see i could have been a lawyer..}
and today i am getting a migraine but i am determined to share this with you! 
so....on with the show!

and there you have it!
i admit for the poles my dowels may have been a touch on the thick side and if it doing for cupcakes i would use wooden skewers and wrap the twine around the pole a couple of times and tie it off {like a hair wrap...remember those? did you ever get one on vacation?}.
also i used fabric as i have all this amazing fabric which i am doing amazing things with but if you have a collection of great paper by all means use that as well.

that's it!
i hope you use this idea and i would love for you to paste your links in the comments so i can see your creations too!!
happy crafting!