halloween spiders.

every year for each holiday i try to incorporate a craft.
hopefully a new craft but ALWAYS a craft.
last year we made these masks...and the year before we made these as treat bags for special friends. and of course we ALWAYS make sugar cookies.
this year was a new craft year and we love them!
this year we made spooky spiders.
{although i think hey look sort of sweet!}

the best thing about this is that it was super simple.
super super simple.
i even had an eighteen month old do a big chunk of her's no problem.

so to get the show on the road.....

what you will need is:
Styrofoam balls
bamboo skewers
black paint {our was just regular kids paint but i wish i had a glossy finish paint.}
black pipecleaners
googly eyes
paint brushes

push your skewer in to your foam ball. at first i did this just so we didn't get finger prints on the balls while painting and drying would be easier but then they became part of the spider - allowed kids to play with it and be more animated with it, also good for placement somewhere. {i also drew a little felt marker on each stick to identify at the end who's was who's} second you want to paint your whole ball black. when finished and paint is still wet lightly sprinkle glitter over it to give it a shimmer.

LET DRY COMPLETELY. go and do something else for a while - dance the monster mash, bob for apples, stick your hand in a mystery bowl filled with spaghetti {guts} or peeled grapes {eyeballs}, play a trick and then come back to this.

okay it's dry now...let's continue: cut one pipe cleaner in half so you have two legs. do this with the rest of the pipe cleaners till you have 8 legs per spider. now just push those in on the sides till they go in and feel like they are in there - you don't have to go in to far, just make sure they don't just drop off. bend your legs to how you want them. do four on each side. then glue on your eyes. let dry. and voila!


so easy right?
happy halloween!!!

are you getting excited for halloween?
we are too - it's the talk of the town.
if it's anything like 2010 and 2011, we are in for a real treat!!


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