it's official.

well it's been 2 and half years.
i guess it's time to change our plates and official commit to living out east.
not hanging on to the notion of moving to ontario.
we are here.
we live HERE now.
just do it - rip it off like a band-aid.

yes i am outside in october in bare feet....i'm always in bare feet...please do not judge me.
and yes i know my hair is a fright...again don't judge. ;)
{this is a rare glimpse of me on here...soak it in people - doesn't happen very often.}

bye-bye BC plates....
hello quebec plates....

if you knew what the last month and a half consisted of {well i guess the last two years dealing with this}, the ordeal we had to go through, the hoops we had to jump through - you would be celebrating as well.
we should have had champagne - that's how momentous THIS was.

let me just say...if you are moving here with a car from out of province i am now an expert on what you have to do to get a simple license plate for your car. believe me - an expert.

i wish i was joking.

but now i am relieved and can move on to the next task. i had no idea how this was weighing on me till it was done....i seriously feel like a weight has been lifted. amazing feeling.


on a happier note i want to THANK YOU EVERYBODY who voted for us in the canadian mom blog competition!

with all your votes, support, shares and encouragement we claimed one of the top 25 spots!

so.....THANK YOU!!!!

also a big congratulations to my friend, rosa pearson, who's blog flutter flutter claimed a spot as well {she got spot 15 and i took 25}

yeah for canadian moms!!! woop! woop!


Jill V. said...

Yea for you! Glad I could help with this! xo

Jen said...

thanks Jill!