just another wednesday.

yesterday was just another wednesday.
you know those days that start like any other..except i did forget to turn on the coffee by the time tony came down. maybe that was my first indication that this was no ordinary day.

but really it felt normal. i made breakfast and lunches like everyday. kissed everyone goodbye like everyday. stared at the big pile of laundry and my ever increasing to-do list like everyday.....

then it happened.
just like that.
and i knew. i knew before even looking at the call display. the moment i heard the phone ring i knew it was the school calling. don't ask me how but i just knew.
i was right.


everytime the school calls my breath catches in my throat and i plan for the worst. 8 times out of 10 it's nothing really. some times it has been minor. three times it's been major. once it was major, i had no car and was not able to do anything and had to rely on the help of others {which i hate to do...i hate to impose}. once it was major & i just had to listen and trust the school was doing it's part in going  forwards. and the last time measures were taken and relief was felt.

i stared at the phone and prepared for the worst. it was not the worst, not the best...somewhere in between.

me: hello?

school: hi jen! it's the school...so why would you send cooper to school with a big gash in his chin?

me: WHAT??!!

school: well we have cooper here with a pretty big cut here on his chin, blood on his shirt and he said he fell out of bed."

me: yeah..he didn't do that here. i would have known. i brush his teeth just before they leave and i put my hand under his chin, so he does not get toothpaste on his shirt, and i would have noticed blood on my hand by doing so. he did not do that here.

school: could it have been when he was waiting for the bus?

me: no i was watching them and nothing like that happened, he must have done that there. does he get to play outside when he get's to school? he must have done that then. he probably told he did it at home because he thinks he might get in trouble for doing it at school. i don't know why but he seems to think things like that - that he has done something bad.

school: cooper...did you do the here? you are not going to get in trouble....you did? you did that here outside? oh you silly! why did you tell me you did it at home? {back to me} okay well i have pinched  it together.... {you can imagine the rest.}

not major but not good.


the rest of the day was uneventful, thank goodness, filled with laundry, dinner, organizing the december calender {every weekend filled already!!} and making coop's birthday party invitations. {i can't believe he is going to be six soon!!}

and here is another sight to be seen:

cooper has a party in his mouth! those two front teeth are hanging on for dear life and the new ones just couldn't wait and crashed the party. oh geez!!

so as i said.....just another wednesday!

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