i think you have to sit down for this.
i have a confession to make.
a BIG one.

contrary to popular belief.......not all brilliance comes from me.
there are many people who influence what i do and what i have done around my home.

there - i said it.
shocking i know.

take a moment and let these words sink in. i know what you are now asking yourself "how can she be so bold?! how can she reveal herself to us like this?".
well i am turning over a new leaf.
i am letting you in on a glimpse of things i have made of others. influences i have had over what i have made for myself and our home.
things i have found via pinterest or my close circle of amazing bloggers.

toilet roll owls.

these guys are so cute! when i saw this post from babble i knew this was one for us forsure. i have been hoarding all of our used rolls from toilet paper and paper towels and this was a perfect fit for the toilet ones. the paper towel rolls are destined to be spotting scopes......{more on that later!}

art display wall.

when mary lauren brought this to my attention i was floored. i had a wall screaming to be a part of this and only one thought came to my mind...why hadn't i thought of this? because i am not the genius that is mary lauren. that's why. {her's of course is way better than mine!!}

ruffled aprons.

okay so i have to reveal my blog crush to you all...it's meg from whatever. i love everything she does! i LOVE her craft house...just read that again...yes she has a craft house! it's all white & colours and homemade and just plain wonderful. she hosts craft weekends about once a month for a group of 12 women {picked by lottery} and they make the most amazing things. she has inspired me with so many things & one of them are these aprons. she has kept the secret to them, out of respect for the women who attend the weekend, but i made my version for me and my gals. i have such mad respect for this women that i will keep my secret too. i hope one day to make the trek to her home in kansas to participate in all the fun!

mason jar soap dispenser.

creating things with mason jars, other than filing them with food, seems to be all the rage. so, of course, i had to jump all over that action as well. there was probably a tutorial somewhere on pinterest {where i was bombarded with all the ideas} but i didn't follow them. i took a nail to the top and just kept hammering this i had a hole big enough to accommodate my spout {borrowed from a plastic dispenser...thank you.} i trimmed the hose {?} to fit on the jar et voila! done. i did at first glue the spout to the top but the water from people's hands made it come loose and i haven't found anything else strong enough. it seems to stay in though without it - i'll try again later......

so that's it for now!
maybe next time i will let you in on some of my favorite recipes {the ones i haven't tweeked myself!}

this weekend i am planning to stick close to the homestead and finish up things and put things away.
that's the plan anyways.
what are your plans?

happy weekend!!


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