skeptical no more + some fun links to share.

i love pomegranates. do you?
i love their juice. their look. {the picture hanging in claire and phil's dining room is awesome!}
and most of all their seeds.
you know what is a pain in the ass though.....seeding a pomegranate. the time. the effort.
the purple fingers.
i buy them all the time and more than i like to admit i toss them out after they have gotten rotten because i didn't want to take the time with them.
well that is no more people!!
i came across the revolutionary article by the wonderful stephmodo on how to seed a pomegranate.
i was skeptical at first...really? it's that easy and NO ONE knew about this? REALLY?
well today i tried it and...it worked!!!
by banging the outside of it after separating it into quarters they fall right out!!!! i had a whole bowl for lunch. glorious! i can feel the anti-oxidents at work.
go and get yourself one...it's also a good way to work out those frustrations {hee hee, shhh!}

while hanging out on the web this week a few things have caught my eye:

i have been toying with the idea of making my own mighty list, a bucket list of sorts, and wouldn't ya know that lacy went and made herself a food one! brilliant.

hand print christmas crafts - will definitely be making some of these!

my christmas board on pinterest has been blowing up with tons of great ideas!

a friend has decided to spread her wings. i wish i had her courage.

elise's adventure in knitting has inspired me to ask for a set of needles for christmas this year.

love everything on rosa's blog - flutterflutter. check out her new christmas tags! i wish i was so talented.....

and you know those seeds up top...brooklyn supper used her's like this. might have to follow suit. pair it with whatever i am crock-potting this sunday. yum!

happy friday!! xo

ps...apple cider stew post tomorrow...check back!


Mary Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing my post, Jen, and I can't wait to check out the other links you've included here! Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

My son just bought one of those yesterday . . . I know he doesn't know that trick so I'll have to tell him. Would you believe I've never eaten one?

Jen said...

mary lauren..my pleasure! and leslie - did the trick work for your son? did you have some too and are you hooked??