starting december off right!

it's december!
i have been anticipating this all year...and i need another week before it's december!
i am sooo not ready......

wouldn't it be nice to have a day that didn't count as a day to get organized and ready and then start the clock again? that's how i feel. i need to get organized and cleaned up but don't want to use an actually day of my life to do so.  am i alone here?

anyways this weekend was the first and we did it up right!
saturday was jammed packed with christmas clothes shopping for aydan and tony while cooper was at his first of three birthday parties {he has one for the first three weekends!}. then on saturday night we went to the movies - wreck it ralph - as aydan's prize for studying and getting perfect marks on her dictee {french vocabulary test}. we have been struggling with homework and studying...do i have to remind you how i HATE homework?....and to show her how studying does work she had an incentive {no this is not going to happen for every test - her last one she had gotten 4 out of 10 so desperate measure were taken...if she got less than 10 she had to eat a vegetable! ha!} that night i started on the decorating because the week had gotten away from me {see note above: day off to complete such tasks} and elliott joined us again for this holiday season.

on sunday tony's work had their annual family christmas party and the kids had a blast! bouncy castles. wacky hair and face decorating. circus training. santa claus. presents. it was great.
the kids had so much fun.

the best part about this? i have two awesome spreads for this years december daily! will be putting that together and showing off the pages here and there throughout the month...still working on last years..shh!!

here's wishing everyone a great december and happy holidays!

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