two new dinners this week.

so i keeping with the these of my goal list - side note: i have actually liked this project! i have referenced the list many a time when i find a moment and re-focus on the tasks i have laid out..although we are tackling a task that was marked down for next month but oh well, starting off february with a red line through something will be good for moral! and today i am doing number 4 on the list so that is refreshing!

anyways, one of our goals was to try two new dinners a week. i have been noticing a trend on this in the last couple of weeks. dinner:a love story conducted her own experiment - 7 new dinners over 14 days - and donuts, dresses and dirt are starting a mealtime bootcamp.
this here is my contribution.

last week we were successful in trying two new dinners and this week we did not fall short.

i made a crock pot chicken teriyaki and tonight we are having stromboli. also we had a new-ingredient-to-us side dish of soba noodles. i was hoping to share the recipe on that one with you but the recipe site i had pinned was momentarily down, so...no recipe. i ended up just sauteing the cooked noodles with green onion and thinly shaved celery with dashes of soy sauce and rice vinegar. sesame oil would have been brilliant drizzled over top but we were out. bummer. i paired it with our asian pork - perfect match.

two out of four enjoyed the chicken - i thought maybe it was a bit salty and i would have liked the sauce to be thicker but tony loved it and cooper said he did like it he just wasn't in the mood for it, aydan no way. tonight as it is friday and we all know what that means..PIZZA NIGHT!!...i am going to put a twist on mine and tony's a whip up a stromboli. cooper might have some of ours - who knows, he is a funny egg sometimes that one. i tried to convince aydan to let me do it to her cheese one but she said no thanks. maybe if this turns out well i will just do it for her next week...shhh!!!

so there you go - another week, another two dinners. for sunday i am going to do a twist on chicken and stuffing via everyday food. it's not really a "new" dinner to us but...it's a new cooking method.
would that count? hhmmm.....

did you do any new dinners this week? i would love to hear.
happy cooking!

picture #1 via lake lure cottage kitchen, picture #2 via dinner: a love story

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