january re-cap.

i can't believe it's february 1st already!!
where did january go? holy smokes!! {that's my saying of choice right now...much better than what it could be!}

so i took a peak at my january goals list and noticed that although i seemed to be super busy i really didn't get much done off it. it was a little ambitious though.....

here's how we did:

 #5 - new to me movie...i had never seen the first 3/4 of this movie! check! but i failed on a second one - bummer.

#12 - my scrapbooking projects. well i didn't finish my december daily 2012 and i didn't finish project life 2012 but i did do the start of my project life for 2013. this year i am using seafoam and i am also learning to make some cards for myself. it's looking great!!

so there is it. january in a nut shell. i have done my list for february and will post that one on monday. hoping to knock a few things off this weekend.
i had this whole plan of documenting as i went but a) the month went by way too fast! and b) i have been so frozen i actually took a break from the computer as i had no motivation. {i also slipped and fell and jarred my back muscles so that week was not much fun and not much extra was done.}

but we are back at it! hopefully we will be singing a new tune for february and update a little more often.

also i use instagram to document - do you? you can follow along with me there as well - i am @jengronick.

see ya around the block...i'll be the one, hopefully, covered in paint! ha!

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