valentines craft: love bugs!

flipping through the pages of this blog {including finding some recipes that were not filed in the eat section - oops!} i realized that we were lacking in the craft department.
how could this be??
well we were making these cute little bugs anyways in honour of st. valentines so why not bring you in on the action as well?

here we go...pretty simple, tailored towards little ones and with a little help from YOU you can make these!

what you need:
white paper - not too stiff
cardboard rolls - i cut paper towel rolls in half or you can use toilet paper rolls.
paint - i did the body with acrylic and the wings with watercolour but you can go all acrylic...i'm not sure how the water will show up on the body unless you have white rolls to begin with.
glue or glue dots
hole punch
pipe cleaner
googly eyes
string for hanging

first up...paint. let them go nuts. paint whatever on paper...no rules. and also paint the body roll. let dry.
go play.

once dry fold a section or whole paper in half and on the backside draw a heart on the fold but no tip - you want both halves connected at the back - these are the wings. cut out and open.

on the painted fold either put glue dots or white glue and lay your body roll vertically over this part. glue on eyes. punch a hole on either side of the "head" and also one on the back up top. thread your pipe cleaner through and curl ends. then tread some string through the top hole and tie off, leave some length for hanging. and there you go - love bugs!!!

great craft for valentines!

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