when one is blue; make bread, not war.

this place is my happy place.
i try to make it a rule that what i let out to the world is happy, joyous. wonderful.
sometimes it's to the point where tony asks if he could live in the blog. ha!

but can you indulge me a little today?
today i am blah.
lately i have been blah.
i am so tired. i am down on myself. i am just.....down.
this house is such a mess that it's hard to figure out where to start.
there seems to be a bit of everything everywhere...i keep running across things in rooms that have no business being there. they were not cleared by customs for their trip around the house and it's starting to get under my skin.
and the kids rooms! oh. my. goodness. if the governement got wind of what was going on in there they would declare a state of emergency and we would all be evacuated to seek high ground. i would love to go in there and purge and buy storage solutions and get it in order but...a)this is a no spend month and b) that's not teaching them anything.  it's just driving me nuts. and i am afraind the course we are one is one for not - i don't think they really care.
i know this is not glmorous talk for a wednesday and i should be preparing for valentines, baking something fabulous and sharing some links that i have found around the web for cool crafts and gifts but i am not.
i am drowning in the state of this house.

so what is the natural course for one to take when they are down? make bread of course.
oh yeah and eat WAY too many chocolate chips.

thanks for listening.

the recipe i used is found here. she did such a good job in explaining the steps and sharing her own story i thought she could tell it in her words.

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