february re-cap.

so here we go...the big february re-cap. the moment i get to see how big i failed! ha!
seriously though i did not get as much done this month but i did feel terribly busy and i got lots done separate from the list so i do feel good about the month.

the no-spend month: my plan was to spend as little as possible and save up for the extra heating charges that we were going to incur. we have a set monthly budget that i like to adhere to without dipping into other resources. this was sort off stuck too. there were a couple of other expenses that HAD to happen - tony lost is glasses, aydan went to winter camp and i bought some fabric {i know i didn't have to buy that but...}. anyways we won and lost. and now we are moving on.....

{the difference in the photo is subtle but i real life it's major. look down to the baseboards - that's where you can notice it. gorgeous!}

the last in the list is take kids skiing. that is happening today. since this is a short month i am going to consider this weekend a hybrid weekend and therefore it is still technically february but it's also march. ;)
it will be crossed off on sunday!

so there it is...not too bad but not too great.
here's hoping things are better in march!!!

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Lisa said...

I love your monthly lists and how you're accountable on your blog. Might have to do something like this, too :)