a little blurb-obessed.

my cover shot.
the other day i poised a question - a very poignant question, in my eyes.

if you were to make another blurb book what would it be about?

great question.
it really made me think. what would i do? {i love blurb books. could sit around for hours perusing it's wonderfully glossy pages but then i love everything about family documentation.}

yes, i could do this vacation or that. yes, i could this birthday or that. one about kids only. our wedding.
there were so many possibilities.
but non struck me as yes. there was no thunderbolt.

this plagued me all day {yes i know #firstworldproblems} but i just couldn't get it.

then i did. it was my aha moment. a "why did that take me so long to get?" moment.

quebec. that was the answer.

three years ago we threw caution to the wind, moved across canada from vancouver to montreal for work and knew not a soul out here. to start again. new beginnings. like the settlers that came over years ago to start fresh and get a foundation. grow their roots. settle.

we took a chance, rolled the dice and it has been quite an adventure.

one i believe worthy of a obscenely large, not-to-fit-on-any-shelf-anywhere, compelation of our lives so far in la belle provence.

this is what my book is going to be about.
it's only going to take me the rest of the year.
we have taken that many photo's. done that many things. lived life that much.

i am up for the challenge.


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