last weekend cooper mastered his two wheeler.
cooper is a funny apprehensive little guy. he's so gung-ho to try things out but usually at the last minute he chickens out. that's just how it is. and some days it's up to us...his responsible parents...to give him just a little shove push.

that's how it was with the bike.

i think if it was up to coop he would have the training wheels on it forever. he didn't care. he felt secure and for him that's tops. if it was up to him he would always just sit on the sidelines - the ultimate spectator.

this spring {except is this summer already? sure feels like we just dove right in!!}, we took it upon ourselves to give him that push. now i am not talking that we took him to the top of the backyard hill on his bike with no training wheels and no concept of riding a bike, pushed and sent him down full blast like my dad did to me {true story - surprised i ever got back on!}, no - we did it our way.

as the snow flurries got fewer and fewer and the road was becoming more and more visible we decided to pull the bikes out of storage and get those wheels on the road. but...before coop had time to protest, those little side security-blanket wheels were gone and in the garbage - oops! if he wanted to go out and have fun with his sister - who took off like lightning mcqueen once those wheels touched asphalt - he had a choice: 1) sit on the front stoop and watch aydan have a blast biking around the neighbourhood or 2) figure it out and join her.

after some whining and a slew of i'm bored, and me saying you are more than welcome to go bike riding with your sister {we live on a circle type road that caters only to the residents.} he got on and gave it a shot.

attempt 1: disaster. nothing going in his favour. bike put in the garage awaiting the cobwebs.

attempt 2: a little better but not much. more confidence. a little....just a little...less whining about it. a couple fights a long the way and again a bike destined for the back of the garage never to be seen again.

attempt 3: THIRD TIMES THE CHARM!!! he gritted his teeth. focused and about halfway through he said ever so casually to tony, who was holding on to the back of the bike , "okay dad - you can let go now." and he was off.
golden moment.

everyday has now been filled with bike riding and i am so happy for him.
wait-a-go cooper!!!

now on to the next skill - swimming....oy.
{not looking forward to that one.}

happy summer spring!! 

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Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Aw! That is a major milestone! Yay for him! I love the pics. He's so proud and happy...