the graduate. part II.

it's official.
one year down. many more to go.
coop graduated from kindergarten. he rocked it.

this year tony was out of town and i was officially on kindergarten graduation duty.
i wasn't available to go to aydan's, so it WAS my turn.

i was a mess.......
{i don't think it was wise i went.}

they walked in to commencement. they had on graduation caps they made. they sang songs so show off their grasp of the french language. they were so proud...and rightly so.
when cooper was called to the front i was crying attempting to take video and snap photo's - i had the iphone and of course attempt number one was blurry. i did eventually get one to be proud of and a snapped a couple of him with his best buds.

cooper with his teacher.

the ceremony was done so well by the teachers and volunteers and went off without a hitch.

the best part - hearing him call to his friends as we were leaving, "see you in grade one!!!"
what a guy.

it was also last day of school for aydan too!

on her way to grade three...it's going by too fast!!!!
happy summer.

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