bringing it all together thanks to Brother printers.

as many of you know, a couple of weeks ago we played along with ali edwards and her week in the life project. this week we are bringing it all together with some help from the wonderful team at Staples. they had contacted me a while ago to ask if i wanted to try out one of their Brother printers - the Brother MFC-J6510dw Wireless Colour Inkjet all-in-one Printer to be exact....um....yes please!!!
and this, i thought, is the perfect project for it's initiation.

now it may come as a shock to many of you that i may be a little bit cheap. ha! no...i bet quite a few of you knew that! now that being said, over the past couple of years i have come to realize the value in the upgrade. i used to buy tony one $20 backpack year - then three years ago there was a well known brand one on for $70 so i thought maybe this would last longer? bingo. three years later and still going strong.
see - value in the upgrade.
this is true here as well. i would always go for the cheapest printer that had just what i needed and that was good enough for me. when staples asked me which i wanted i was presented with two options - one higher end and one low - and after careful consideration went for the higher end because i knew that without a review or knowing someone who had it, i would never splurge on it because of the extra expense. is it really that much better than the one i already have? am i really going to get my money's worth? also i am starting to think - don't i deserve better than just good enough?

my advice: splurge.


now i am not a professional reviewer by any means but i am one to celebrate and spread the word like wild flowers when i find a great product....and i found a great product.

after a couple of tries and maybe some light choice words {!} we were up and running. it's unbelievable! the most start-your-own-command-center-but-i-still-look-great-in-your-home device i have ever seen! {yes, of course there is a random stuffed penguin on my table...what? there isn't one on yours??!!!}

it can scan, print, fax, copy {like a lot at one time!}, print photo's right from a memory card - there's a slot right in the front!! - IT'S WIRELESS {in my head that was said like stephan from saturday night live!} and since it's home will be the basement that's a good thing for me, and it could probably make the coffee as well if i took the time to find that command.

for me, though, it's all about the photo's. i wanted something that can help me to stay on top of some of my photo projects rather than always relying on uploading them and then going somewhere to pick up my prints. now i am not going to do everything on here - let's get serious...i am still am cheap!! but when i am doing, say my december daily this year, i can get most of it done right away with this little baby rather forget about it and have it still looking a me 9 months later begging me to finish it!!
yep, guilty party over here on that one. i should probably get on that.....

well, no more my friends! we have no more excuses - we are going to be caught up and looking sharp! just look at the quality of these photo's:

i printed those! on this!!
can you tell i am excited?? i have had the worst luck printing photo's in the past - this time they came out so awesome! i never knew a printer would get me this excited. maybe is the ease in which it came together or the fact that i am going to be more organized thanks to this amazing machine? what ever it is, i am thankful and hooked.
aren't you excited too??

i am off to finish my album and i'll share it here next week.  maybe seeing how fabulous it is will inspire YOU to go and get one of these for yourself and document a week in your life.
it's so worth it.

thanks staples for giving me the opportunity to test out this awesome printer! you guys rock!!

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