playing along. {ali edward's week in the life.}

this week i decided to play along with ali's edwards and her week in the life project.
i love a project like this. i have been playing along with project life for three years now but it doesn't get as in depth as this. doesn't get down to the nitty gritty. well at least not mine.

in the past years i have played along with her - this was not the first of it's kind - but it always involved a vacation.
this year i thought we were ready to take charge of an ordinary week. {and do it the same time as the group.}
to really focus on what it is we do day to day rather than what we plan for special family time.
to really see how we live.

it was awesome.

it really made me realize how on the go we are but also how relaxed we are. we had some pretty busy days and some not so busy ones. we had lots of together time and precious quiet time.

i was definetly more gung-ho at the beginning of the week and let only a few pictures tell the story by the end. it seemed the same with ali as well {maybe part of the process? who knows.} all i know is that this was the last time of september 9th to 15th where our kids are 6 and a half and 8 and we were glad to witness it all.

it was a week of firsts - first irish dance class of the season, first ever pumpkin spice latte {and last}.
it was a week of seconds - cooper's second swimming lesson ever! he's doing really well.
it was a week of lasts - last baseball practice/get together of the season.



wednesday :


all in all i took 277 photo's.

it was a good week.


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