in december cooper turned seven.
i can't believe we are there already. we now have an almost 9 year old and a seven year old!!
i remember 2006 like it was yesterday.....not like it was seven years ago!

i love parties. love them. love planning them. love throwing them.
they are my jam.
and especially i would do anything for this little guy. he is funny and charming and such a nice kid that waits patiently all year for his birthday AND christmas you can't help but want to spoil him a little. give him a little extra because of all the waiting.
but this one was.....a lot.
this year we took him and twelve friends bowling. glow-in-the-dark, laser-light show, disco bowling.
holy smokes that was a busy afternoon.
i completely under-estimated it.
i think maybe next year we are going to take him away for his bday. somewhere hot and fun.
{and somewhere brighter - trying to get 14 kids to stop moving to take a photo in a dark place sucks!!}

i don't know if i can do another.



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