Reflecting. Have been doing a lot of that lately. Trying to stay focused and to look forward rather than always checking over my shoulder at past mistakes instead of triumphs.

Am I alone in this?

I think this is something we all do. Hopefully. I guess my problem is I am always so worried about doing the wrong thing. So I spend my time worrying instead of living. Now we come to this new blog. I am trying to pick a theme for it - but does there have to be? I LOVE cooking and baking so naturally I would do a food blog. But I love my family and our life together. I love crafting and scrap-booking mini books. I love fashion and interior design. I love mini-reno's in our home. I LOVE party/event/wedding planning. See what I am getting at? So I do a blog that embodies all these things similar to Stephmodo (but of course ever so less glamorous) or do I pick a focus and run with it?

This is my problem.

Now begin's the worrying. I have a handful of blog's on my radar that some have a lasting focus where some dip there hand into various subjects.

I guess we will have to wait and see which "dip" I gravitate towards.

stay tuned.....
~jen xoxo

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