Fall has fallen

This past weekend was all about fall and the business of preparing the house for winter.

And let me clarify one thing - fall in the east is winter in the west. Holy dina it was cold!! Even with the sun shinning! (have to admit though when writing this post it is a beautiful warm day outside! no jacket necessary!)

Having the husband home is awesome but it does inspire me more to get things done when all he wants to do is relax - who can blame him??

Saturday was some what easy - hardware store in the morning (me of course because the husband does not speak a lick of french!), home for lunch then off to the real only walking forested park we have found for a little off leash time for Gordon (oh westcoast how I miss you for these!!). Then off to the grocery store for my weekly shop, where I hope to only spend $130 a week and fail miserably, and to top it all off I made a delicious Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (recipe post soon!) with Parmesan toasts. Awesome way to top off a perfect fall day.

Ended of course with a nighttime family walk in the cold cold cold - but we were lucky enough to see a few fireworks set off by a neighbouring house.
Sunday though was the big work day. Catch up you might say.

The husband had gone a while ago and gotten a load of dirt with a friend of ours and now it was time to dish it out! We scooped, pulled, sprinkled, raked and bagged - all with an ominous dark cloud looming above us. And I have to say that the yard is starting to look like a yard. (If you had seen this place when we first moved in in April you would be astounded!).

There is definitely a LOT more work for winter to do here in the east and this house than the west but I think we are getting the major tasks done.

Finger's crossed that we even survive our first eastcoast winter!!!!

stay tuned.....jen xoxo
**below is the pumpkin we grew throughout the summer!!! Isn't she a beaut? Our first!! Will do more for next year!

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