happy halloween.

We woke Sunday morning to be excited about Halloween as visions of mini chocolate bars danced in our heads only to be greated with what felt like Christmas morning.
Snow had fallen. Air was crisp. And the atmosphere had changed to that familiar feeling of Christmas. Fire roaring, coffee brewing, children playing and laughing. (and fighting over Buzz Lightyear)

It soon quickly changed when the real purpose of the day was found out. Then it was whining to put on the costumes that were screaming at us from the corner and to go out to the houses that were begging to be visited.

First though we had to attend to important business - pumpkin carving. A yearly tradition that inspires creativity an playfulness. Our this year turned out to be quite the happy bunch and gleefully welcomed the trick or treaters one by one.

Costumes adorned, pictures snapped, dinner had, our Snow White and Batman had ants in their pants to get out and go for it - Especially since we had gotten some trick or treaters at 4:30, using the fact that it was a school night as their excuse.

Once dusk had dimmed into night our little scavengers were set out on their way. They were joined by a friendly lion which was the highlight of the night.

Upon their return, with generously sagging sacks, stories were a plenty of sights seen and fun had.

There was to be one more stop for the night - the sought after haunted house.

A crowd of people, a maze of "Haunted" tents & tunnels, ghouls and goblins hiding in the shadows and behind curves for that once a year fright - a well done masterpiece of Halloween.

Back home, a few last sweets before bed, the discovery that the loose tooth had indeed fallen out and a shift in focus now about the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Bed was calling just as the eyelids of Snow White and Batman were getting heavy. Joyfully they crawled into bed with a story each and easily drifted off to sleep with smiles on their faces.

Another successful Halloween and wonderful memories to last us all year.