one word.

one little word. one big goal.

For the new year over on AliEdwards.com's blog she comes up with a word project so people can center in on a thought, or theory perhaps, for the coming year - one little word.

I have come to the conclusion that this year I would be an active participant in this little game. I'm going to start a little earlier than expected and have chosen my desired word for 2011 - Chef.
I want to explore flavours, textures, learn recipes by heart and make them my own. I have been inspired by watching the show Masterchef over the summer. These were at home amateur "chef's" making amazing foods on the fly and smoe being quite successful at it. While watching I was testing myself on my knowledge and felt I failed miserably.

I watched the challenges closely and when the secret ingredient was revealed or chosen I thought of what I knew and what I knew was that I needed a recipe. Sad but true.

So that's my challenge for the year - to get a good handful of recipes I can make off the top of my head and wow the crowd!

Looking for your invitation to dinner??

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