project: december daily pages 1-13

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

i've worked hard at it and feel like i have a real good base going for my december daily. i've had the best intentions each year for this and find myself a year later completing the project. well not this year. this year i have my base done and i have supplies and i have the means to get this project done every couple of days. and it helps that i have all of you tracking my progress pushing me to get it done (like how i want.)

i wanted to show off my foundation to you. my plan. this year i decided to do a 6x8 3/4 book cut by myself. last year i went with a premade book of 8x8 from american crafts but i really like the feeling of height this size gives. my one from 2008 with 6x9 and i really like the results. i may use a prefab book again in the future but to tell you the truth my resources out here are very limited so this way i have more control and ease. i have left the pages very raw, as i would like the day to control the page - not the page control the day/design. i really want to keep it simple - a great shot with our thoughts but people who know me know that's far from my personality so we will see what happens. there are a few pages that have a bit more going for them as i already know what we will be doing that day, although i don't know what or how the story is going to be told. and too, the pages you see here may not be the pages you see at the end of this journey.

let the journey begin. here's a look at my foundation pages 1 - 13:

this is the cover i have chosen for this year. it really is bits and pieces put together to create something that i think is quite eye catching. it really does set the tone for the album.
when you open to the inside you will see the calender for this december as well as a card insert, reminiscent of a library book (thanks to life is love for the inspiration) with the initial "G" on it - our last name initial.

Day one - the tone of the paper i am using for the album is pretty simple - soft blues, greens, white, plain kraft (to be completely covered) with some pop's of red and patterns. Day one is a blue card stock with a number one cut out of another patterned paper.

Day two - plain cream card stock with a number tag from pretty little studios. unless something outrageous happens this is going to have a picture of our advent calender on it and a talk about the anticipation of christmas.

day three - back of the cream card stock and the "pop" of the red floral make up day three.

day four - i found this green polka dot (they are velvety) and instantly new i wanted to have it in the journal - this is going to be coop's birthday party. every jot and title number tag.

day five - kraft page with a snowflake overlay and a number five die-cut. this is going to be for our community santa claus parade. i have a feeling the kraft will get completely covered.

day six - page divider, i am actually going to write six on the tab, my pen for that ran out. this is coop's actual birthday. 4 year old boy! number tag from pretty little studios.

day seven - hambly transparencie used here for a little flair, cream cardstock on the other side with a every jot and title number tags.

day eight - page i had from studio calico and i circled the number eight.

day nine - plain light green cardstock cut just a little smaller to add dimension and a number tag from pretty little studios.

day ten - kraft paper with an overlay decorated in holly and a die cut number tag.

day eleven - great golden music sheet paper.

day twelve - really neat red patterned paper with a clear overlay with turquoise stitching and the words happy holidays and a number tag from pretty little studios.

day thirteen - soft yellow patterned paper with a ruler sticker up top going to the number thirteen adds a great pop of colour.

well that's it for right now. i will post 14 - 25/end soon. getting very excited to tackle this project and enjoy the christmas season! happy holidays!

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Oh here it is!!! It's just lovely. I left my pages "raw" right now too. I think as the days roll around I'll add the bling and fixings!!