weekend in snapshots.

This was our weekend. our beautiful weekend. my husband might disagree there though. there might have been upsets, crying, a snow tire mishap and maybe even a little yelling but there were lots of smiles, laughter and merriment.

the day for me started with coop looking outside and saying "it's snowing". my eyes popped open because I had a snow tire appointment at 2pm and I specifically asked the snow gods to hold off until three. I turned and asked the husband if I should mosey on over there right away and he said to just wait. I'm glad I did - not 30 minutes later it turned to this:

then we started with a treat around these parts - bacon. we has a freezer mishap this week - it somehow got turned off so we needed to cook a lot of things to salvage them. some things stayed frozen though (thank goodness!!)

and of course we added some eggs and smiles:

now the husband has been kicking around a crazy idea about a backyard and skating rink and we had run out of propane AND there were two beautiful full racks of ribs that had to be cooked (darn freezer!!) so off to the hardware store we go!!!

and from that we got this and this:

now between the hardware store and the ridiculous rack of ribs - the husbands quick and amazing 4 hour ribs - I had a little adventure of my own. 2pm snow tire appointment turned into the wrong sized tires, they do not have the size tires and now I have to drive around looking for tires in a city that shuts down at 5pm and it's 3:30! Needless to say the tire stores were all closed and the others were ridiculously expensive. And to top it off my phone died and i still had not gotten to the grocery store!!! ei yei yei!!! so I whipped in got a few things to go with the ribs, burger buns for the kids and rushed home! whew!!

hopefully Sunday will prove to be a little better. it was so cold the previous night when we went for a walk i decided we needed to get a handle on our winter gear.

then lunch provided two crazy kids:
i finally made it to the grocery store for the week - if you read my previous post i'm trying to only go once a week. then a lively game of grocery store took place.

followed by the saddest cinnamon rolls i have ever made (for shame!) but were enjoyed all the same.

it was all topped off with dancing to christmas tunes and baked breaded chicken (and to all you fans out there - no aydan did not EAT the chicken. one day. one day.)

all in all a fun weekend and fun to document it in photo's.

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