dear diary: taking it all in.

sitting here the night before new year's eve i'm struck with a little sadness that all holiday will be packed away on january 1st for a long winter's sleep so for right now i'm going to take it all in. soak it up.

as we sit here - us four - tucking into big steaming bowls of homemade soup, melted cheese bagels, one with eggs in a basket and the other with pb&j and a bowl of coleslaw, i revel in the simple things; comfy clothes, slippers, laughter, love. we shared a lively game of "guess who i am" and were visited by two lollipop superheros. we told jokes and planned an evening of watching a new treasure to us - fantasia 2000.

family time. the best time.

new talents were shared. beds almost broken. giggles.

cooper. aydan. my partner in crime. {heart}. a symphony of new toy sounds, amazement a chorus of "mommy watch me" drift through the house. wack a mole cards were produced and a tournament ensued.

i am thinking back to our wonderfully small merry merry christmas. of the gifts, the company, the food, the spirit. how dreams of an outdoor rink and christmas day skate came true. how a bucket of dinosaurs made it into the hands of a four year old boy and how a little girl no longer has to ride a boy's bike. there was also a treasure under the tree for me, courtesy of my sister and fiancee, which has not left my side and i have been dreaming of the culinary creations i will produce with it at my fingertips.

as i sit here i am also struck with the organizing plan i have for the basement when the decorations go back into hibernation. the full scale attack on that room. to get it to the point of a quick scan rather than an all day dig. a purging of the un-necessary and the un-used. to get more space to put more needless things we must have - the vicious cycle. wishing the outside temperature was a little higher as to get the ability to declare war on the garage as well. although not to high as to melt the rink that was so tiredly slaved over. sitting by the fire, drink in hand, watching the action - one of my top christmas day ever.

what will 2011 bring us? i am hoping for a lot but expecting not so much. i would like to re-invent myself and the path this blog may take me. i want to figure out how to balance everything i dream to do on top of everything that must get done. i want to focus more on my kids and remembering their moments. i want to lose 15 pounds. i want to spend more alone time with my husband. i want to organize. more time for cuddles, walks in the rain and finger painting. less time for tv and more for adventures.

for tonight i am going to enjoy my family, cuddle, eat chocolate and stare at the twinkle lights. and anticipate what the new year may bring us.

happy new year to you and yours.

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