loving right now.

loving that coop likes ham or peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast.

loving this age with the kids and the imaginative play they lose themselves in together.

loving that coop interacts so well with the french kids even though he does not know the language (and that he has picked up a few words!)

loving sunday night roast chicken dinners.

loving my house all decorated for the season and the fact that my old decorations fit in perfect with our new house.

loving that my french has really come back to me.

loving that i am able to help provide for my family.

loving that aydan loves her class and going to kindergarten.

loving the fact she can take the bus to and from school.

loving the special moments in the afternoon when it's just coop and me.

loving shutting down and watching holiday specials as a family.

loving that if a major snow storms hits we are ready for christmas.

loving my husband.

thanks ali for the inspiration for this post!



Great post. I like this idea of declaring what you love right now.

Okay so I truly am digging the stitching you've done on your DD pages. I think I'll copy you on that one!!

PS.. you have a beautiful family, great pictures!!


PS..loved the handwriting on the "merry and bright" page!!!