project: december daily. december 1st. cover & day 1.

Welcome to day one and the start of our 2010 december daily.

Wow I can't believe we are here already and it's time to fill all you eager readers (right...) on what we have been doing this december. I have decided to go for a real arts and craft simplistic approach - to not sound too pretentious!! haha. The truth is I have no printer and am not likely going to invest in one till next winter and it's too much of a bother to get things printed here and there. So I am handwritting everything (except for sticker letters) and getting all my photo's printed via costco once a week. Then on all my time off (3am) I am going to build this wonderful treasure and share it with y'all in bunches! sound okay?! Great - we are off to the races!

For the cover, I really wanted to personalize it and put a photo on the front and this is what I got:

For the inside cover I added a pocket to give it the sense of a library book and put a red glitter type G on it (our last name starts with G) and the '10 for 2010. I'm going to be sprinkling this throughout the book - to personalize it even more. In the pocket I wrote a little about the book and what it means to us and about how we are spending this christmas in a new house and new part of canada.
December calender thrown in to remind us all of the glorious month and year!

The front of day one I added a hambly overlay with a "1" cut out of the number paper I have in the book. I'm already really liking the layering i am seeing take shape. Put a decoration embellishment on the back of the calender to fill in the white space. In my other dailies i went a little overboard with the bling and patterned paper and I have decided this year to tone it back a little and make the pages more bright and airy.

For the first page of this album I decided to write about our ordinary day. December just seemed to come - no fireworks, fan fare or tinker tape. It was just here. And to tell you the truth I really was not ready for it - although I had been planning for it, anticipating it.

The back of the overlay with a little merry embellishment - tiny bling. I like how you can see the other embellishment through the overlay.

Here you can see how simple we are going. Two 4x6 photo's trimmed down to fit side by side and my hand written journaling down below.

Wish i had added a boarder around the wording to frame it up - maybe later. I tend to re-visit pages and change them up a bit depending on my mood.

It really was just an ordinary day. -7 degrees. (a new thing I am doing this year as it's our first winter in quebec.)

morning routine as usual.
6:15am - wake. get the husbands lunch ready and get him out the door. Wave goodbye. Some kids may be awake at this as well.
6:45am: my work day starts.
7:00am - breakfast. blueberry waffles, yop and cereal.
7:45am - get Aydan and her lunch ready.
8:20am - get Aydan out the door for the bus.
8:21am: work. and play with Cooper.

Even though it's december and the house is almost ready we seem to be chasing the christmas spirit. we are all under the weather - most likely the reason.
You think of December 1st as the start of the celebration, a cornucopia of festivities, when actually it was as normal as could be - cleaning, laundry and shopping.

a rainy rainy day passed with mega blocks, puzzles.

welcome to our December!

here's the pages before:

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