project: december daily. december 2nd.

Welcome to day two. For today I wanted to talk about a tradition we do here for Cooper's birthday. You see it's right around the corner and I have to get prepared. For his loot bags for every year I have included a gingerbread man. Here is the story. Also above is a photo of our main stairway completed - there will be house decorated photo's scattered throughout the book. Not happy with the border though - work in progress! Might get it redone larger to fill the whole space.

Here's a close-up:

2 4x6 inserted photo's:

I decided to stick in the three photo's about it back to back loose in the middle to allow myself more space for journaling. It actually took me a while to get to this place. I had them on the page and it felt like a puzzle until this format came to me. These are photo's of the "men" in there bags and then the tray of completed goody bags. Done.

Here I have used this great dye cut pages already lined and with glitter in the corner. It seemed to be destined for this page.

Gingerbread men.
for three years now i have included gingerbread men in the loot bags for coop's birthday.

now i love the idea of gingerbread men - they are festive and invoke the holidays - but i have never been a fan of the taste. they are either too strong or too spicy (sorry martha, yours are the worst offender!). 2 years ago i caved and bought the robin hood mix and i actually enjoyed them - i wasn't even a fan of the ones we served at the bakery (sshhh!). this year i have chosen the new PC (president's choice) variety and loved them! i might actually pick a few more boxes up to have on hand.
the goal for tonight was to get the loot bags done for the party in the hopes of having 90% of the preparations for saturday done by tomorrow night. with the help of my two little elves we have completed our goal for tonight. yipee!
3 degrees outside.

side not: so sick last week & weekend and absolutely horrible time out that i feel like i am playing catch up to get the house decorated and get ready for coop's party. things do seem on track - got lots done today.

the before pages:

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