project: december daily. december 3rd.

Welcome to December 3rd!

Here we are in full party panning mode! I really want to get done 90% of the cleaning and prep done tonight so that tomorrow we can have baths/showers and not be rushing around chopping and cooking.

Here is a merry tag from every little jot and title that I got last year. I wanted something simple for this page. just a sentiment.

For this page I trimmed a 4x6 of the tiger cake I attempted (recipe in the back of the book) and my journal card below. Large chipboard number 3 from a random page of numbers.

-1 degrees.
Seems colder though. It's amazing sunny but wickedly cold.

Full party planning mode! Spin dip - check! Cake baked - check! Cupcakes - check! All iced - check! Loot bags - check! House decorated - check! House cleaned - check! phew! can't believe it but seems on track!
Tomorrow we are going to be celebrating the fourth birthday of our little coop. Amazing! I remember this week four years ago vividly. The waiting and anticipation - he was 7 days late. He turns four officially on the 6th - how time flies when you are having fun!
He has been so excited all day watching the plans come together. He helped with the cupcakes and was excited while the tiger cake came to be.
We celebrated with frozen pizza and candy cane ice cream! (no cooking tonight!)

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