project: december daily. december 4th.

 Welcome to day 4!

Big day today around here! It's Coop's birthday party!!! Big spread and layout for this day. Started with wonderful sibling bonding over Christmas carols.....

a close-up,

Then the party was about to begin! I had him stand on the coffee table and jump up and down shouting "It's my birthday party!!" and I got my most favorite shots ever!

And to those who know me personally - I couldn't believe Aydan did that move, the apple doesn't seem to fall very far here. love this.

Again love this shot. But wait there is more underneath.....

The cake. Having your moment with YOUR birthday song, the one you wait 364 days to hear.
And the whole gang eating the chocolate cake with ganache filling and classic butter-cream icing exterior in the design of the tiger you asked for. (and thankfully going home after the humongous sugar rush!!)

The back page (stolen from December 5th) and the obligatory photo with mom and dad.

The wish. The best and most crucial part. And the joy. The pure and innocent 4 year old joy. 

-3 outside.
Cooper's party today!! We are celebrating him turning 4!
The story plan for today was coop's party but the sweetest prize was this morning - the kids sharing a moment signing with alvin & the chipmunks as we were having breakfast and getting ready.

Inset page:
Love this age with aydan. I want to bottle up all her little sayings and reasoning's and keep them forever. Everything is all so a matter of fact and said with a song in her voice.
"and we get to do freeze dance. the music goes on and when it's off we freeze like tag. the kids will love it. cause at every party you have to have freeze dance. without it it's not a party!" ~ aydan 
Inside page:
Party a total success! Coop got lots of loot and he had the best time ever! He got guess who, pop up pirate, hot wheels, batman robot and lego.
Capped off the night with a lively game of pop up pirate and a walk to the park in the snowflakes to ride down the slides in snowpants. perfect. perfect day. xoxo.
(some of the last part didn't get in the page but should have, will try again. Darn big penmanship!)

the before pages:

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amanda salmon said...

Happy Birthday to Cooper! i caught up and read your blog. so i'll claim myself as your "reader" ;D

have a very Merry Christmas!