project: december daily. december 5th.


Welcome to day 5!

In the words of Ali Edwards - "This is called being flexible!" For Sunday the 5th I decided to write about Sunday November 28th. For the 5th we were supposed to go and see our local parade and have fun in the snow and the day turned out nothing like that. Total disaster. And I really wanted to talk about the Christmas party held by the husbands work for the children and saw this as my big opportunity!

They had a great map printed out of the entire bottom floor of the hotel with all the activities and stationed placed in it. Very colourful and well done and tucked neatly inside the little glassine bag!

Love this photo of Coop I captured on the train in. If you look close enough you can see his reflection in the window - this is definitely a framer.


Lift up the photo and PEEKABOO! There is the story! Using these flaps a lot to maximise my space and love it!

Close up of the kids - this is going in our Christmas card this year!


the story for today.

UBISOFT is having a kids party! We got to take the train in the Montreal and this was great for you kids. You love to take the train and look out and watch the world go by. Played a lively round of the animal game. Being on the train really does allow for more enjoyment of each others company. Travel is just better by train - a real adventure.

What a rocking party! You can see by the map all the stations and activities. (We had a little mishap with the train schedule but I took the early one home and then drove the car in.) There was even a Santa show and everyone got a present! Doctor kit for Aydan and block game for Coop. Great party!

**the real story for today: 10 am going to go grocery shopping so we can go to the parade at 1pm. car won't start - needs new battery. so instead of the parade I hauled myself off to Wal-mart for a new battery and oil change/winterization. Then grocery shop and new blinds for the living room (our christmas present - lots of lipstick and rouge for the main floor.) Not such a great story is it?

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