passions that run deep.

We have a secret. A big secret.

We are making a skating rink in our backyard.

Ever since deciding to move out east one topic of conversation that always seemed to sneak in there was this rink we were going to make. Always taken with a grain of salt this idea was the farthest thing from my mind. Even while house hunting the observation that the yard was large or not large enough always crept into the "description" of the house/property (I was back in Vancouver while the husband scoured the country side for our new perfect dwellings). Again no real reaction from me.

I have never lived anywhere that this would be a possibility so for me this thought and theory were way out in left field.

Until now.

A month and a half ago the husband blew off painting the main floor of the house to go and purchase the ingredients needed from the local hardware store for this much sought after project. I went along and wondered if I would ever see the results from the small fortune spent on this.

The work started. The temperature dropped and progress seemed to be being made. Looked like old man winter was on our side, whispering in the husbands ear cheering him on. Then it warmed up and all hope seemed to be lost. Then it was realized that it was pooling in one corner. This was now in all thoughts and most spare time was spent watering and caring for this new/old passion.

Time went on. A break was taken. The painting was finished, tobogganing was done and a little sir turned the mighty age of four.

The family arrived for the holidays and now there was someone here during the day to care for and build the rink. All talk about the project came back full force and now it seems that all talk is now revolving around the topic. The watering schedule has doubled, the technique mastered - all in hopes of a Christmas day skate.

I think they might get their Christmas wish.

I poked my head out to see - I have not looked in weeks - and I was shocked to see a rink. A bonafied rink.

Shocked. Dumbfounded. Proud.

We will be skating on Christmas Day.
Welcome to Quebec.
Thank you Old Man Winter.

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