project: december daily. december 7th.

Welcome to day 7.

Today was a home day and we made Salt Dough Ornaments. What a great craft for young and old.

Here is Aydan going to the bus in snow pants for the first time. She was so excited. Some kids had come already and she was wondering when she could go on her snow gear. Being from the west you never went like this but I am adapting and learning and she has gone every day since like this!

A note sent by her teacher about snacks for the class party!

Salt Dough Ornaments! Also on the back of the note I put some of the great Kraft wrapping paper I picked up. I have scattered some of the other selections that came in the pack throughout the book as well. Made a frame around the bottom of the page and drew in some lines for my journaling.

temp: -6
Major snow storm. Tony stayed home. Aydan to school in snow pants. We made Salt Dough Ornaments for today's craft. I'm trying to do 3-4 crafts per week for the holidays. This was fantastic - easy recipe, great fun. Kids cut out shapes then later we painted and glittered them. Took kids for a big walk, loads of fun - snow falling faster than you can catch it! Wrapped up the day with a lively game of cards with Cooper as the big winner! And watching Charlie Browns Christmas and the Prep & Landing short as a family. Wonderful.

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