bitten once again | project life.

darn this.

i have been bitten by the scrapbooking bug once again. but this time it's more of a memory keeper bug - the maker of the ultimate keepsake.

if you recall my post about the compilation of the december daily, i had just waded in to check out the waters of scrapbooking when i was swallowed whole by mini-book projects. now it's project life.

again i would like to point out i cannot come to do a 12x12 page. a girlfriend of mine - charleen - has these great books of her kids - AMAZING layouts. Too much for me - i am more instant. that's the attraction to mini books and project life.

this is as intant as they come. one picture. some notes. receipts, collectibles of the day.
365 day project.

you record your family, world, life in little snipets to record your year - fun, growth, laughter, tears, bitterness, loss, love.

right now i can't afford the "official" book ( i have my eye on the amber edition) but i am still playing along - not letting financials stop me. there is going to be a sense of casualness as well with this project. some days no pictures will be taken and others multiple. in that case i may just bung one from another day in there to fill the spot and tell the story or to just show off a wonderful picture - i'm not a very good "editor" of shots of the kids, just ask the husband. some days no notes - simply a card, sticker or a piece of packaging to tell the story. also i am hoping to get the whole family involved. i am leaving a square vase on the kitchen counter full of little notecards in the hopes that others will pick one up, date it and jot down thoughts, hopes or what has just happened in the moment. a collaboration.

i think this is going to be a good year. a colourful year.

project life | week one in pictures

january 1st

january 2nd

january 3rd
january 4th

january 5th

january 6th

january 7th

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