2011 | the year of doing.

i have been playing along with ali edwards and her yearly project - one little word - and from an earlier post you can see that i have selected chef as my 2011 goal word. i also have another, a secondary word that has been on my mind and keeps popping up on me. it's on my mind, in my minds eye and i see it everywhere. it's guiding me. showing me what kind of year, home, life we should have for 2011. it's following me, talking to me, stalking me. my home is speaking to me through this word and i can't seem to get it out of my head. it's pushing me around and helping me to become balanced.

after a bit of a fight and thought on my part i have decided to embrace this word - philosophy - as well and do something with it. the word is doing.

this is the year of doing. finishing. getting it done. i have so many projects, thoughts, wants that need doing, finishing, and this is the year i am going to accomplish it.

fingers crossed.

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