project: december daily. december 15th.

welcome to day fifteen! 
today we wrote to santa. it was so much fun - aydan did such a good job with her printing - since starting school she has been wanting to write everything and her name is printed everywhere and coop got into the fun as well by drawing out what he wanted. the lists were pretty humble with aydan asking me once for a big ticket item as a questions and i politely told her no and she was fine with that. she is growing up quite nicely - most days!
we actually mailed our letters to santa as well - canada post has a great system for that.

i copied out this page pretty much like how ali edwards did hers because i loved it so much - the three sections. i try not to piggy back on other peoples work but sometimes you can't beat a good thing!

and like her i decided to get into the action as well with a letter of my own - loved doing this as the journaling.

I used a transparency in this layout and look how it frames up coop when over on the other side - cool.

Dear Santa,
another year, another list. this year i can feel your spirit running through the kids and myself more than ever. aydan talks about you all the time but is still a bit weary about going to see you and cooper is catching on and is so excited for the whole experience. they both definitely have their own distinct lists - barbies for aydan and dinosaurs for cooper.
as for me i would like an electric toothbrush system (5th year i have asked for this!), the new "baked" cookbook, the car cleaned out and new runners. but i did get my present of having the main floor of the house painted. please be good to us!
love, me.

the before pages:

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