project: december daily. december 16th.

welcome to day 16.

today we made pecan shortbread dipped in chocolate. so yummy! love having this time of year as an excuse to make all sorts of baked goods. this recipe is so good and so easy. i have adapted it from another i had copied off of the food network and i enjoy my version much better. it's all about experimentation and i have become better at colouring outside the lines as the years have gone by.

another thing i noticed today was the amount of food that coop has been eating this week and how short the sleeves on his shirts are getting. he's growing up. we went up a measured him on the growth chart that was once his cousins and there is one little mark on it from them stating how tall he was when he enlisted in kindergarten (age 5) and coop is there right now! at 4! we definitely have a beansprout on our hands!

inside i put the other photo with my remarks about coop having 2 helpings of lunch today and 4 muffins the day before!

here is a close up of the yummy cookies and also the gift bag i made out of them for a friend of ours because she helped me in designing our christmas letter for us to send out electronically. it was beautiful & perfect and for that she earned herself a bag of cookies!

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