on the menu this week.

we had a couple changes to the line up last week so some dishes are making a repeat appearance this week and hopefully they are tasty enough to share with you! when friday of last rolled around i was not in the mood to cook, so pizza it was, and on saturday i was craving sweet potato fries hence burgers were bumped up and roast chicken in it's place on sunday because they were $.99 a pound at the iga. tonight i am tackling the lentils & sausages and of course last night roast chicken a la ina was sublime. last thursday we had stephmodo's pasta and oh my goodness was it ever good! the husband even commented how good it was and was pretty happy when he found out the sauce was from scratch - i think we ate twice as much pasta as we would any other night on account of that sauce - that's why it's making a repeat appearance as well. hope your meals are as tasty for you this week!

sunday: roast chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, steamed asparagus.

monday: french lentils and sausages.

tuesday: my chicken enchiladas.

wednesday: pasta a la stephmodo.

thursday: roasted prawns and feta.

friday: sweet and spicy pork chops.

saturday: tba

sunday: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! back ribs, coleslaw & cornbread.

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